Thursday, March 10, 2005


Hello all. My sincere apologies for the lack of recent material in this space. However, as most of you know, I am a full-time college student. This fact, coupled with the coursework it entails frequently prevents me from doing anything more with my free time than contemplating navel lint. Which, I might add, can be quite the rewarding pastime. :) Anyway, next week is spring break for me, and other than continuing to read the mind-numbingly difficult Spinoza's Ethics, I have little to do. So. I do hereby solemnly swear that I will have something new and interesting (as opposed to just new) posted on this blog by the end of next week. Depending on the flow of chi and the paths of the stars, I might even squeeze out a few interesting new posts. You know, that's one of the things that I think tends to put people off when it comes to science and scientific pursuit. For many of us, relying on a description of quarks, strange-matter, up-spin, down-spin, etc... doesn't seem any less "mystical" or "hocus-pocus" than describing the world as chi flow or astronomical patterns. I guess the devil is in the details. Until next week....


At 5:04 PM, Blogger Ravenna said...

IT is Friday of Spring break and there are no. new. posts.

grr. :oP

At 4:22 PM, Blogger Kyle Vernon said...

Yeah, I realize that spring break came and went with no new posts. However, in my defense, I must say that I have been plagued with computer problems. My parents (with whom I spent the majority of the break) lack a decent internet connection and consequently I was unable to connect long enough to post anything. Fast forward to life at the dorm: my pc is flaking on me and I have decided that I need to back it up, so I have been trying to get my laptop and desktop to see each other via a crossover cable, but alas, my efforts have been thwarted thus far.


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