Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blogger faux pas

After spending the last couple hours surfing for blog explosion credits, I have come to the distinct conclusion that many of you out there in the blogosphere are in need of an education. Mind you, I am not saying that I have the best of blogs or that I even really know what I'm doing. But I can pass on what I believe to be a few gems that make me more likely to read your twattle.
First, and most important, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT post video or audio on the opening page. This is important. Some people out there do not have broadband connections nor the desire to load some cutesy video or audio clip just because you felt like including it on your page. If you must include this content, then please do so via a link. If you do not know how to include links in your post, then please turn your blog over to the proper authorities pronto. You have no business using it.
Second, it is VERY hard to take seriously the comments of someone who either does not understand the rules of English grammar or fails to take the time to ensure that such rules are followed. One of the most flagrant examples of this is the all-too-common "of" instead of "have." Like in I "could of" learned how to write in English class but instead I flirted with the cute chick beside me who "could have" dated any guy she wanted. Granted, for the illiterate, the two sound similar, and if you are comparing the contraction "could've" they sound the same but are VERY different. One form is proper, the other form shows your ignorance.
Third, AVOID CLICHE. Do not tell me that such-and-such is off the hook, off the chain, etc. Find some way to explain exactly how or why you think such-and-such is such a wonderful thing and is deserving of your highest praises. Now, granted this will force you to expand your previously limited vocabulary beyond the list of hot phrases used on MTV, but hey, what else have you got to do?
Fourth, please do not post something that requires a deep background of you and/or your blog for understanding. If you do, at least link to something that will give new readers some background so that they too can understand what is going on. Remember, if you want me to read your blog, you will need to make sure I am in the loop.
Failure to do these four, very simple, very easy to do things will certainly drive me, and many others, as far from your blog as possible.


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