Sunday, March 20, 2005

On the Purpose of Life

Ultimately, I think, Life is the laboratory of the soul. In its every intricate detail are hidden many tools with which to see and understand that which is seemingly unseeable and unknowable. Life is here to reflect the soul. To give the soul a glimpse of itself. And with this picture, form a new one. That is, in every moment of now, all about you is the reflection of who you are choosing to be. Should you choose to be angry, then anger will be the underlying form of all that is currently being experienced. Should you choose happiness as your being, happiness is the resulting image. Given this powerful knowledge, a surprising insight into the true purpose of life appears. If, in every moment of now, a direct reflection of the soul is expressed, then perhaps the ultimate purpose of life is to see and change this reflection. As each new state of being is expressed, a new, higher, being appears. For example, say that I choose to express my being as charitable by sharing of my resources with one who has less. Immediately, the gratitude is returned, as well as the realization that there are more with whom to share. Thus it is that we are spurned on to forever create the Highest Version of the Grandest Vision ever we held about Who We Are. And we are doing it with every thought, word, and deed.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Ravenna said...

so ....
if I think I'm happy, then I'm happy.

weird, it's not working so far.

At 8:16 PM, Blogger Kyle Vernon said...

No, because being is conceptually prior to thought. If you are being happy, then you will think happy thoughts. Be. Do. Have. Choose to be what it is that you wish to experience, do things from that being, and you will have the experience that you seek. For example, when I wake up in the morning, if the first thing I choose to be is grumpy about having to wake up, that will color every experience afterward. If, on the other hand, I decide to be happy to wake up and face the day, then that too will color my experience. Another example: a friend comes to me and tells me some bad news. If my being is extremely positive, then the bad news will have less negative effect on me. If however, I am not being positive, then the news will intensify the negativity that I am experiencing. Thus it is important to be as positive as possible i.e. to eliminate negativity from our lives, if we wish to experience the greatest amount of well-being possible.


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