Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Israel, Palestine, US, and the end of civilization

So, why is this world run by religious zealots? Why can't there be a God that suggests maybe that we should just simply act rationally? I'm talking here about the mess in the middle east (not Iraq, yet). Apparently, some small terrorist groups in Palestine have kidnapped an Israeli soldier in hopes of securing some kind of bargaining chip against the Israelis. In exchange for the safe return of this soldier, the Palestinians simply asked the Israelis to release any and all Palestinian women and children in Israeli jails. Seems fair to me. How else are these Davidian underdogs supposed to get an equal seat at the Goliath table of the Israelis? In addition, the Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah have finally agreed after more than fifty years to officially recognize Israel as a state. Looks to me like the Palestinians are ready to come to the table. But no. The hardliners in power in Israel have decided that now is the time to scale up for a full out military invasion of Palestinian territories. Folks, this could be the beginning of the end. If the Israelis invade and hold Palestinian territory, then nations all 'round the world will begin to pick sides and we will have a fight of global proportions. Of course, the US with its allies will be on the side of the Israelis. For religious reasons. Fuck that. I say let the Israelis burn. Fuck em. For more "neutral" coverage of the situation see below:


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