Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mind or Matter?

This is kind of an informal poll to see what you guys think about the recent post on "subjective science." Please comment on the following:

1)Do you believe that human beings have a soul?
2)If the answer to 1) is affirmative, then is that soul eternal?
3)If the answer to 1) is negative, then do you believe that the mind is tied to the body?
4)Has the post "Subjective Science" on this blog helped shape your position on the above questions?


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Which way to the future?: Stop Being a Dupe: Know Your Actual Enemy!

Which way to the future?: Stop Being a Dupe: Know Your Actual Enemy!

October Surprise

July 31 (EIRNS)--EIR is investigating a report from a qualified Israeli source that the Bush White House is pressuring Israel to cooperate in a new ``October Surprise'' scam, involving the planting of ``Iraqi'' weapons of mass destruction in Syrian territory. These so-called ``Iraqi'' WMD components, the source reports, have been stashed in a secured warehouse in the Negev Desert in Israel for months, and the Bush Administration is now pressuring the Olmert government to plant the components inside Syria, during cross-border operations, as part of the extended Israeli invasion of Lebanon, ostensibly to root out the Hezbollah from the south of the country.

According to the source, while Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is under pressure from saner elements within his government coalition to refuse to cooperate in the White House wingding, elements of the plans are moving forward. The recent bombing of the United Nations monitoring post inside Lebanon, in which four UNIFIL observers were killed, may have been related to preparations for an Israeli military strike across the border into Syria, to plant the fake WMD.

According to the source, the WMD would be ``discovered'' by U.S. military units operating along the Iraq-Syria border, at a moment close enough to the November midterm elections in the U.S. to affect the outcome.

Lyndon LaRouche warned today that if Israel goes ahead with this stunt, it could trigger World War III by miscalculation.

According to the source, the Bush White House is desperate over prospects of a major political defeat in the Congressional elections in November. Another aspect of the effort to survive the midterm vote, according to the source, is plans to increase American troop strength in Iraq now, to achieve a breakthrough that might allow a withdrawal of American forces on the eve of the November elections. Plans are being discussed to bring seasoned combat troops from South Korea into Iraq for a ``summer offensive,'' the source added, noting that British Prime Minister Tony Blair also came under pressure from Bush to augment the British military force inside Iraq.

Reports of White House ``October Surprise'' schemes have also come from top level U.S. intelligence sources, who have identified Pentagon ongoing contacts with notorious Iran-Contra swindler Manucher Ghorbanifar as tied to a separate scheme to plant ``made-in-Baghdad'' WMD inside Iraq, towards the same goal.

Subjective Science

The spirit and principles of science are mere affairs of method; there is nothing in them that need hinder science from dealing successfully with a world in which personal forces are the starting point of new effects. The only form of thing that we directly encounter, the only experience that we concretely have is our own personal life. The only completed category of our thinking, our professors of philosophy tell us, is the category of personality, every other category being one of the abstract elements of that. And this systematic denial on science’s part of personality as a condition of events, this rigorous belief that in its own essential and innermost nature our world is a strictly impersonal world, may, conceivably, as the whirligig of time goes round, prove to be the very defect that our descendants will be most surprised at in our boasted science, the omission that to their eyes will most tend to make it look perspectiveless and short. --William James

Here is a link to a wonderful academic journal article from some folks at Princeton about the nature of science and the position of subjective inquiry therein. This is an important piece of literature for the pantheist in that it is the beginning of any serious scientific inquiry into the possibility of universal consciousness. I would certainly be interested in the input of anyone who has experience in these matters. Of particular interest would be experimental results that indicate a moderate to high correlation between observer and subsequent experimental results.