Monday, February 05, 2007

Racist Policies on Lower Greenville

To all you crazy partiers out there:

Let it be known that the owner and management of Sofrano's, The Tiger Room, and Service Bar on Lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas are racist pigs. I was formerly employed by these people and was surprised on Friday night to find that I was expected to enforce a policy insisting that no black people be allowed into the bar. Once I realized that these people were serious and that I (as door guy) would be primarily responsible for telling people that are my friends (and others) that the only reason I can't let them in is that they are black, I told them that I would be unable to fulfill my duties and left. I then went back to pick up my paycheck from the previous week, and somehow, mysteriously, it is short by HALF! I, of course, complained. I was told that I had already been paid for those hours and that I was only owed the amount that the check had been written for. BULL$HIT!!! So, I am writing this in the hopes that you guys out there in cyberspace will spread the word that these places are racist and engage in unfair business practices and that you should avoid visiting their establishments at all cost. Thanks!