Monday, March 28, 2005

On my soap box

Fat people are people too. Note that when we meet you horizontally challenged folk, the first thing that we notice is not you girth, or any of your abnormal attributes, but your personality. Because we know what its like to be immediately judged based solely on appearance, we tend to actually give people a chance to make a good impression. Rather than immediately dismissing you as somehow less of a person because you fail to meet my standards of how intelligent a person should be (which you do, in all likelihood, fail) I give you an opportunity to prove yourself as the beautiful individual that I know you are. You, on the other hand make tons of assumptions about me without ever giving me a chance to say a word. First of these, and my personal f*cking favorite, is that I eat more than you do. This is patently false. Quite often I eat FAR less than my scrawny compatriots. However, thanks to genetics and my extreme lack of desire to "exercise" my metabolism isn't very high. I have a friend, bless him, that I have seen eat an entire loaf of bread and half a box of velveeta cheese in one sitting. Two hours later, he was eating again. He is so skinny you can see his ribs. This stereotype, that fat people eat too much, which may be true in some cases, is patently false in many. Second of the assumptions that you little f*ckers make is that I want to look like you. Again, this is not true. I like to stand out in a crowd. I like to be my own person. If that person happens to be larger than the average, then so be it. It doesn't matter to me. But you skinny people who buy into this media and marketing frenzy that holds the idea that anorexic is beautiful apparently can't handle anyone who thinks outside the box and is happy to be fat. Oh, scratch that. Is TRYING to be happy fat, but as soon as they achieve this happiness, some arse comes along and suggests that he or she knows a good diet and would I like the number to their personal trainer? F*ck that. My body, healthy or not will be dead in a hundred years. My mind and spirit will not. Therefore any time I spend developing myself will be spent on these aspects of my being. I am not you, do not want to be you, and damn sure don't care that you think I could stand to lose a few pounds. Unless of course, you somehow equate 'needs to lose a few pounds' with 'isn't an interesting or decent person.' Which, invariably, you do. So stop it. Find a fat guy and give him a hug. He needs it, and its your fault.


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