Tuesday, July 12, 2005

An ew post.....

So, its been awhile since I've acosted you folks with my rambling thought-forms. I know this because my one reader recently sent me an email chiding me in a friendly manner for not managing to keep up a decent pace of drivel. Well, far be it from me to keep my audience waiting tooo long. This past week has proven productive. For those unaware, I am writing my senior thesis in philosophy this summer, and I think that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Page 23 was my stopping point today and it looks like I might have another 5 to 10 before I am done. But that's just the draft. After that, I'll be on pins and needles hoping that it doesn't come back to me dripping in red ink like the blood of a fresh kill. I'm not much on writing something more than once. That is, I like to go with my first draft. Sure, I may not put out the most polished of product, but I think it best conserves that original spark of creativity that spawned the piece if you leave it rough. That or I could just be a lazy ba$tard. Who knows. :)


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