Thursday, March 31, 2005

Get your Bush approved news right here.....

I'd like to revisit a little blog history today. A few weeks back there was a discussion about totalitarian regimes and automatons. On the one side, we had the crazy leftist guys who think that Americans are automatons as a result of relentless propaganda campaigns conducted by good ol' Uncle Sam and his homosexual lover Corporate America. On the other, we have the people who refuse to leave the 1950's who feel that gosh-darn-it this is America, land of the free (tears begin welling) and we should be happy to trust those in power to be the honest, trustworthy individuals that we know all Americans are. Baseball, apple pie, momma, and ol' glory rolled into one big turd floating in my glass. Well, you'll be happy to note that I found more evidence for us lefties today. It seems that "media watchdogs" are lobbying the FCC to stop the fake news flow from the Bush administration. Of particular interest is the section on what a VNR is and what its purpose is. Here is a direct quote and the link to the story.

"Supporters say VNRs have been used since movies and television were invented to inform the public and sell products." (emphasis added),2933,151871,00.html


At 5:09 PM, Blogger Codesuidae said...

Call me pessimestic, but I'm not convinced that anyone who has the power to get as far into politics as Bush has has the ethics to understand why such things should be avoided.

But then, I'm barely qualifed to know when the chick making my coffee at starbucks wants me to ask her number, the subtle manipulations in the political arena are quite beyond me.

We are (or at least, I am) fortunate that others are aware of these connections and can draw attention to it.


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